Hello, I’m Robert Hostetler

An Office 365 Architect and Web Developer residing in Bentonville, Arkansas

My Story:

Photo of Robert at a Cafe

I have experience in designing, building, integrating, implementing, delivering, operating, and managing highly available and resilient Information Technology (IT) Infrastructures, in particular HTML and ASP.NET websites, Office 365 Enterprise tenants, SharePoint, SQL Server Databases, and related/supporting services.

My collegiate experience at Purdue University with Computer Graphics Technology plus twelve years of experience in IT is a great foundation to execute business objectives. Working in the IT areas of Atos, Conduent, Nike, Parkview Health, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Xerox I gained experience that gives you the versatility to place me in different contexts with confidence that I can achieve the level of excellence an organization expects.

I have been successful at communicating and influencing with individuals of all capacities, including at the senior management level, through following the best practices of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). I am eager to gain greater insights into businesses by collaborating with an experienced team.

My passions involve supporting the arts, volunteering, working with people who value teamwork and being an active citizen in my community.

My Resume is available in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

My services:

SharePoint On-Premises & Office 365 Software Architecture

Being a Software Architect for Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises Farm (Windows Server + SQL Server + SharePoint) and Office 365 in the cloud involves the conversion of requirements for collaborating with others into an architecture and design that will become the blueprint for the solution being created.

This process is guided by a combination of reading documentation on current best practices discussing with Microsoft the requirements to get feedback on what they have seen with their customers and my personal experiences.

Static HTML + CSS + JavaScript Web Sites

Static web pages that utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript documents are typically suitable for content that is never or rarely updated.

This can also help with reducing exposure to security vulnerabilities, have higher performance when compared to dynamic websites, and help reduce costs due to fewer dependencies and/or less infrastructure requirements.

ASP.NET + SQL Server Web Applications

Microsoft’s ASP.NET is a web framework for building interactive web applications that require more functionality and complexity than static web pages. The server that hosts the site processes the ASP.NET code and SQL Server database content into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in real time for delivery to users.

I typically use this for dynamic web sites, but this can apply to static web sites when the functionality of the framework can help achieve needed requirements.

Organizations that I’ve collaborated with include:

US Department of Housing and Urban Development